Service levels to accommodate any shop:

Monthly restock service Optional monthly restocking Appointment service
About this service: Keep common parts in stock. We come by monthly to check your inventory, work with your staff, get your approval, and put your order away for you. The same as our monthly restock service, but we notify you of upcoming visits by SMS and so you can opt-in for that month, instead of visiting automatically. Schedule an appointment when you are ready to restock. We'll work with you or your staff to find the parts you need.
We check your inventory Yes Yes No
We work with your staff to identify parts to stock Yes Yes Yes
You approve every order Yes Yes Yes
We put inventory away Yes Yes No
Visit Frequency Once per month Once per month when you opt-in By appointment
Automatic visits Monthly Opt-in monthly No
  • Restock monthly, subject to minimum
  • Approved fastener storage system
  • Collision centers only
  • Respond to SMS to opt-in for a visit
  • Resock at least 2 of every 4 months, subject to minimum
  • Approved fastener storage system
  • Collision centers only
  • Provide a list of part numbers you wish to order
  • Make staff available to identify other parts you wish to stock
  • Minimum purchase required
Open an account Open an account Open an account
Have a questions? Please contact us.

Our Service Area

Orange County, CA. Plus Long Beach, Bellflower, Whittier, Corona and surrounding areas.

Shipping and delivery time

Typically none. When visiting your shop, we bring most in stock items with us.


Invoices are due upon receipt. We accept cash, business checks, and most credit/debit cards.

You will love TCL Fasteners

  • Our "limited bulk" product quantities give you the best of both worlds. You get a great per piece price, while not being totally overstocked.
  • Over 900 items in stock! Most common collision items are already available without waiting on another warehouse to process your order or ship it to you.
  • Our direct relationship with multiple suppliers and manufacturers means that thousands of other parts are available to be kept in stock, or for special order.
  • Our inventory is always growing, so let us know if there is any other items you want to see us keep in stock.
  • All of our sales orders, quotes, and invoices are computer generated (and printed on site, for local customers). You can clearly see exactly what you are getting, how many pieces are included, and the price.

Our promise to you

  • You're the boss! Tell us if business is busy or slow and we will adjust our restocking suggestions accordingly.
  • We can work with your staff, but we still work for you. Let us know who you trust, who has authority, and who needs approval.
  • You get to approve every order. There are never surprise bills or items you don't want.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction and the quality of our parts! If you are unhappy for any reason, we will make it right. Return any item within 30 days for a full refund, replacement or exchange.

    * Please contact us to request an RMA prior to returning any item.